Dua When Going To The Toilet
Dua When Going To The Toilet
Dua When Going To The Toilet
Dua When Going To The Toilet
Dua When Going To The Toilet

Dua When Going To The Toilet

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How often do you forget to say the dua when entering the toilet? This transparent dua card is an essential reminder to help you follow the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for entering and leaving the toilet, seeking Allah's protection and forgiveness.

Key Features:

  • Daily Reminder: Keeps the important dua in sight, helping you remember to recite it even during your busiest moments.
  • Easy Application: Adheres smoothly to mirrors, walls, or any flat surface. 
  • Compact Size: At 10x20 cm, it's large enough to read comfortably yet compact enough to fit in various spaces around your home or office.
  • High Visibility: The clear design ensures it stands out on any surface without obstructing your view.

Did You Know...?

  • The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to enter the toilet with his left leg and he then left the toilet with his right leg. 

Customer Reviews

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NIQHAT J.ن.ج. (Sydney, AU)
Perfect Reminders


I stumbled upon this brilliant “sticky me” page on insta and instantly got hooked to all these Dua’a. A perfect way to remind myself and others. I bought a range of different Dua’a including two stickers with 25 names of our beloved prophets, Aytul Kursi, making wudu steps, Dua’a for Palestine and Dua’a for the oppressed. These are so incredibly cool, you can stick them up and easily remove them from your walls without any issues, I bought them all for our beautiful new mosque North Shore Islamic Association in New Zealand 🇳🇿(sticked them all up in NSIA masjid 🤲🏼) and now insha’Allah the team behind Sticky me earns the hasanat for this amazing innovative creativity. What are you waiting for - add to cart and check out! You would love all of these Dua’a adding a perfect touch to your home decor and brings in Barakah. Great for kids to learn and recite the Dua’a 🤲🏼🙂

Walid E. (Ivry-sur-Seine, FR)

Le sticker est indispensable, parfait pour apprendre la Du’a et idéal comme pense bête.

Emna A. (Annecy, FR)
Happy with my articles

Great and useful product

Mehdi D. (Antibes, FR)

Barrak allah oufikoum, that's a real quality product !

may allah reward you !

Rayan E. (Sydney, AU)
amazing quality!

I’m absolutely in love with the stickers I purchased! They are great quality and most importantly remind us to say our duas. Im so happy with this purchase