It's awesome that you want to know more about Sticky Me! If we knew you were reading this right now, we'd probably even do a little dance.

Your enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of thousands of people worldwide is what gets us up in the morning. As a team, our mission is to make sure there is something for everyone in our collection of static wall stickers. But how our team got together and how we came up with the idea? Take a sip of your tea, because we'd love to tell you that story!

Our team consists of driven individuals who each have a shared passion for design, organising, value creation and entrepreneurship. There's one team member in particular who has always been a HUGE fan of planning.

Before the concept of Sticky Me was born, she had a hard time finding her way with different planners. This applies to both book-planners and boards you can hang up (by drilling holes in the wall). The problem with paper planners is that you are not reminded/faced with tasks left to do, so you soon forget about them and neglect your planning. And why she didn't want to drill, I think we all know about that!

Out of that frustration, we, as a team, joined forces and set out to find the perfect concept that would eliminate both problems!

Van Idee tot Design

A lot of hours (and I mean a loooot), brainstorming, thinking and searching has resulted in Sticky Me's static planners, which you can hang in a room without having to glue or drill, and with which you are also reminded of your daily activities!

From the moment we found the perfect product, we are constantly working together with a team that's overflowing with ideas of new concepts you won't get enough of! Every day, we look for solutions and design for an optimal user experience.

Vanaf het moment dat we het perfecte product vonden, werken we voortdurend samen met een team dat barst van de ideeën voor nieuwe concepten waar je niet genoeg van kunt krijgen!

Sticky Me komt tot leven

After bringing our first planner to life, we received lots of compliments and continuous huge demand for new designs. From one demand to another, it grew into a full collection of planners and educational wall stickers. Because there was so much demand, we now even have points of sale to bring our products to our customers easier and faster. In the first three months of its existence, Sticky Me already has more than 15 points of sale throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Hoe werkt het?

A Sticky Wall Sticker is an eye-catcher in any room! Leave nails or screws for what they are and experience our Sticky Wall Stickers: without leaving glue marks on the wall, the stickers stick easily, are easy to take off and move around. The sticker's magnetic field makes it stick to any surface. You can write on the stickers with a whiteboard marker and erase them with a dry cloth. This way, the stickers can be used endlessly!